Interviews with Participants – Field of Love

A number of our participants kindly agreed to share their experience. You can read their interviews below. FOL_DLPostcard_2012-01-840x470

Jill Kettle

Jill is an acupuncturist, Shadow Work coach and Women’s Wisdom facilitator

This was your first Field of Love Summer Camp?

Yes, I went because it was recommended by my beloved friend, Julie. I’m new to 5 Rhythms so it took me a while to settle into that as a new practice. I had an amazing experience with my two children who are one and a half, and eight. We all fell in love with the Field of Love.

What did you enjoy?

Tim held the space with such a light touch, I loved the way he just let the different processes unfold. There was an elasticity about this that really moved me. I had one of the most extraordinary openings that I’ve ever had anywhere and it happened in such an unforced way. Tim led with a gentle authority that is very unusual. But it was still very clear, and I witnessed a lot of healing happening during the ten days.

How was it for you to be with your kids on the field?

It was a true blessing. So often we have to go off and do our personal work without the kids, but it felt so good to have them included. I don’t like separation and it was so wonderful to share this depth of experience with them. And they made great friends.

What was special about it?

I felt really seen there. It was a very tolerant environment in which people’s gifts were welcomed. We were invited to share and shine. I did a workshop based on the Women’s Wheel of Life and I opened it out to include the men. I also helped hold some of the women’s circle. I really liked the way collaboration and co-creation was encouraged.

How did you find the live music?

It was at the core of the field’s activities. The musicians are beautiful people and it was as if they were singing the music of the land. They were responding in music to what was happening within the camp.

And the community?

I enjoyed meeting intelligent, inspiring people and networking there has helped my work.

Jake Hall

What do you relish there?

One of the reasons that I derive such peace from the field is just spending time in nature with nothing else to do.  No work distractions.  No phone.  No computer.  No emails.  No texts.  I can breathe.  I love the communal cooking and the community.  I find being in community supports my relationship with my husband, we have others to take support, friendship, and inspiration from, we’re not solely about us.

And what about 8 year old Loxie’s experience?

Well, after the Summer Camp, we went off to another camp but where (like a typical campsite) was divided in to plots.  Loxie couldn’t understand it.  She wanted to know – “Why aren’t we all together like we are at the Field of Love”.  In fact, she actually cried about it.  And three days after we got there, she asked when it was going to actually start.  For her, there was no community morning meeting, so ‘the thing’, whatever she imagined, must not have begun.  She formed some lovely friendships there, one of them a girl called Leyla.  They were inseparable and at one point, they went around wearing one coat with both of them inside.

What made the camp for you this year?

Deepening friendships, deepening sense of community and the dancing. I got in touch with a much deeper level of the dance, in other words, 5 rhythms. One morning I got up feeling quite grumpy, I started dancing in the dance part of the morning meeting, and Tim must have sensed something because he came and danced next to me, he put his toe near mine, and somehow it felt like a provocation. My anger burst out into the dance and I moved so quickly through to lightness and then laughter. I know it’s possible to dance through emotions once I decide to let go of them, but this was so quick and helped me to understand more about this process. That connected me much more deeply to the dance. This funny, mad dance with Tim. Since the camp, I have been going to dance 5 rhythms a lot more as part of a growing practice to be more embodied. I had some exquisite dances with people on the field, and they were often with people that I hadn’t had conversations with before. And this led to conversations around the fire during the day and in to the evening.

What others say

What did you get from the field of love experience?

“A feeling of freedom and wonder through being in nature and in community, with others in a heartfelt, joyful, simple and playful way.” Jayne

“A relaxing, gentle, healing time of love, love, love.” David

“Lovely company, lots of dancing, my favourite things tending the hearth and co-creating a transient community.” Jane

“For me, this is a very special field, it has a very special energy.  The camping in circles makes this camp.  It creates hearth and family and I haven’t experienced it anywhere else.” Christine

What were your highlights?

“I just love sitting round the fire and watching it all happen.  People, life, fun, ease – gentle relating.” David

“I’m a drummer so the joy of going deeply together into the dynamic meditation of the 5Rhythms.  Living in the present on the beautiful field, birdsong, the barn owl that sometimes honours us with her presence like a silent, silver angel.” Jane

“I loved the combination of various elements, the dancing, the circle sharing, the hanging out in the sun under the trees, chilling, sleeping, swimming in the river, the hot tub, and I loved eating together and the campfire.  Just hanging out in all these various ways with some wonderful people was very nurturing and enriching.” Jayne

What was touched in you by your time there?

“My desire to live more like this.  In nature, in community.” Jayne