Making Music for 5Rhythms

2018 dates TBA

Kew Community Centre, London, TW9 2AJ
With Tim Broughton, Chris Tero & Storme Watson


Human beings have danced to music ever since the first bone was hit against a rock around an ancient fireplace.  Music still evokes a powerful response in our bodies; we find it completely natural to ‘go with the flow’, letting the music take hold of us, moving us into profound states of being.

A musician’s aim in this context is  to use his instrument to become a channel for inspiration, to ‘be played’; for the dancer, the body becomes the instrument, and the dancer is ‘danced’.

In both cases, both dancer and musician must let go of expectations, and be still in the present moment.  From this place of emptiness and potential, we let the spirit move us, and our dance begins; the dancers following the music here, the musicians following the dance there.  It ultimately becomes a moving play of energy between the two, constantly shifting in  time and space.

Just as it is helpful for the musicians to understand the importance of movement (and to dance as much as possible!), so it can be valuable for the dancer to understand the role of music in deepening our experience of moving freely, and with spirit.

This weekend offers the opportunity for 5Rhythms dancers to do just that; to experience making music for each other, with a view to enhancing our own relationship to our bodies through this amazing dance form.  We will be playing drums, and percussion.  There will be voicework, both melodic and percussive.  No experience is necessary; these instruments are ‘beginner friendly’, and our facilitators will guide the group through each rhythm, so that by the end of the two days, everyone will have had the chance to play through a whole wave for the dancers.

Chris and Storme are talented musicians both of whom are experienced in playing and teaching percussion instruments. They have been making music for 5Rhythms at my Classes and Summer Camps for many years.

Full fee: £125 (£95 early bird)


Julie Stone:      Tel: 07984 039210

A deposit of £50 reserves you a place. Deposits are non-refundable

Payment Options

Cash to Tim
Cheque payable to Tim Broughton and send to Julie Stone, 210 The Ridgeway, St Albans, Herts  AL1 9XH
Bank Transfer to Tim Broughton, Sort Code 20-62-53, Account No. 60289698.  Please notify us by email that you have made a transfer.
PayPal  Please note PayPal charge me a transaction fee of approximately 3.4% per transaction. If you prefer to pay by this method I have added the transaction fee into the payment process.

Cancellation Policy:

Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend this workshop. We always endeavour to treat cancellations fairly and sympathetically.

  • We will refund the full amount you have paid less the deposit (£100) if you cancel 3 months BEFORE the workshop begins.
  • If you cancel between 3 months and 30 days before the workshop begins, we charge half the costs of the workshop fee and the full costs for accommodation.
  • If you cancel WITHIN 30 days of the workshop beginning, no refund will be given unless we find a replacement for the vacancy created by your cancellation.  If we do find a replacement, we will refund to you the full amount you have paid less the deposit (£100).  In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to transfer your payment to a future workshop.
  • If you leave the workshop before the end, there is no refund.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the workshop (eg if there are not enough participants or in the case of illness of the group leader) in which case we will refund to you all payments made to us by you.

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