Interviews with Participants – Making Music for 5Rhythms


I have to say that this workshop has had a big impact on me in lots of ways.  It has allowed me to experience a different dimension to 5 Rhythms Dance and I hear sounds and music to another level.  I did not realise how much skill and knowledge goes into making the music (literally years and years of experience and practise) or the idea that the musicians ‘serve’ the dancers, observing them and adapting the music to give the dancers the amazing experience of the Wave.

Storme and Chris put us all at ease so that each and every one of us could contribute to the music making, in spite of many of us having no previous musical experience whatsoever! They  imparted so many interesting insights about making music, for example the significance and use of  silence or pauses; the idea that ‘less is more’, and how the music making (rather like the dancing) is to do with letting go and surrendering to some inner rhythms inside.

I learnt so much over the two days and had the chance to play and explore some beautiful instruments that I had never seen or heard of before as well as learn some simple drum patterns.  We had a lot of fun learning about the use of the voice as well as other intriguing details about the origins of African music.  We were able to dance several waves over the two days, the last ones which we created our own music for -with Storme and Chris’ expertise and guidance!

I cannot do justice to the experience in these few words partly because rather like the dance, it is beyond words. If you have the opportunity to experience the workshop for yourself then take it; as one participant said – the experience is “mind blowing”. I couldn’t agree more.