My Work

We live in challenging times both collectively and personally.  Our personal experience is that pain and discomfort, whilst difficult, can provide the impetus for change.  I believe all of us need support in our human journey and that we do not have to do it alone.

My work is intended to support you to live the fullest vision of yourself and to access more freedom, love, joy, and peace.

I create and hold spaces that enable you to:

  • Connect to your body & feelings – we find the body is the best way to be ‘here’
  • Be as real as you can be – with yourself and with others and experience real connection
  • Connect with others – becoming aware of unhelpful patterns and choosing whether you want to change them
  • Access your creative mind – finding fresh insights, new perspectives, and responses
  • Connect to a fluid and inclusive community as much or as little as you want to….

Themes I work with include Love, Death, Alienation, Isolation, Relationship, Sex, Meaning and purpose (Who am I? Why am I here?)

I aim to provide a safe space that is highly supportive and encouraging as well as challenging. Challenge comes from the intention to support your deeper unfolding.


Tim Broughton

I have been leading workshops for over 25 years for people who are interested in their personal growth and development as a way to transform their daily lives into one that is more loving, satisfying, harmonious and joyous. My work offers a creative and safe space within which to explore the essential themes of our lives, gradually healing our wounds and freeing ourselves from ways we limit ourselves, so we can live our lives with increasing freedom and creativity, rooted in love and truth.

I have undergone a number of trainings in individual counselling, and therapeutic groupwork that has included integrating the personal with the spiritual. I am deeply grateful for all I experience and learn through many years of personal work, supervision, and friendship with Jill Hall. I am a member of ‘Easterlies’ a group of Humanistic practitioners based in Norfolk. Easterlies is part of the independent practitioner’s network.

I studied and trained with Gabrielle Roth for over 20 years and have been teaching the 5Rhythms™ for the last 15 years or so. I have been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Osho and Barry Long.

I studied with Diana (Puja) and Michael (Raja) Richardson, creators of The Making Love Retreat® for couples and am a licensed teacher of this work.

I live in Suffolk and visit London weekly.