The Making Love Retreat for Couples

“We are both grateful for Tim & Jayne’s facilitation & normalising the sharing of sexual matters (such a difficult subject to broach).  Their sharing & sharing with other couples was illuminating & helpful & exploring a new way of approaching making love was helped by this sharing.”  Sally and Fred

“It feels like we’ve found the missing piece to our relationship jigsaw. We’re going to grow in love and expand. It has been an amazing leap forwards for me, one that I would not have imagined was possible. I’m totally committed to booking dates and times in the diary to do this sort of making love. This kind of commitment also makes all the difference. It’s at the top of my list now. Tim and Jayne were perfect. They are so good together, they laugh and are vulnerable and that emanates from them. They made it easy to open up and share. And they totally create a safe space.”      Karen

“It was one of the best restreats I’ve ever done. It opened up a new area that was unexpected. We’re in a really good place in our relationship and making love a lot. We’re both really happy.”   Tom