Live Music for 5Rhythms at Kew

Live music taking us through the Rhythms until ‘You and I are One’ in the moment of ecstasy. For as long as there have been human beings on this earth, people all over the world have been dancing into ecstasy to the primal beat of the drum and the dulcet tone of the flute. Come, and maybe we too will experience being at one with it all.

I have been collaborating with musicians for many years to create live music to dance the 5Rhythms.  In more recent years I have been working regularly with Chris Tero, Storme Watson, and Fran Loze. I love their sensitivity, gentleness, versatility and power. They have a wonderful ability to be in the moment with us, allowing the 5 Rhythms to manifest in their music even as we allow the 5Rhythms to manifest in our dance.


7.30 – 10.00 pm. Please arrive in time to begin at 7.30

Dates for live music


22nd September

13th October

10th November


Higher income £25  Standard fee £20  Lower income £15

No need to book. Just turn up. Why not put these dates in your diary now!


Kew Community Centre, St.Luke’s, The Avenue, Kew, TW9 2AJ

Nearest Underground District Line/Overground rail station:

Kew Gardens about 8 minutes walk


Jayne Blackman:     07917 675 326

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