5Rhythms Summer Ball to Help Rachel Heal

Rags and Riches – A Celebration of Life

Saturday 14th July 7.00-11.00pm

Kew Community Centre, St.Luke’s, The Avenue, Kew, TW9 2AJ


We are raising funds to Help Rachel Heal (full details below).  Everyone is welcome.

We are creating an Exotic Field of Love Vibe for the summer ball.  An eclectic gathering of Souls in their Rags and Riches coming together in a wild celebration of life on the dance floor.  We expect this will be a popular event – we want you all to come.  It’s going to be fantastic! Time to dance, time to hang out in Social Soirée.  We want it to be affordable and inclusive as well as raise significant funds.

Cocktail and Gin Bar:  We hope to run a Cocktail Bar including non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages.

Delicious Buffet:  We would like people to bring finger food for a delicious Buffet.

Dressing up corner:  We want people to bring exotic clothes for a dressing up corner. Leopard skin leotards and satin balls gowns, tatty old leather jackets and long fake fur coats.  Hippy trippy sun glasses, wigs, Tie-dyed T-shirts etc etc.  Why not swap your evening wear with someone part way through, just like actors in a play?

Relaxation Spaces and Social Soirée:  Outside relaxing on the Lawn or in the Garden Room. Lit by candles and a warming fire. I intend to bring my fire bowl for an outdoor fire.  Does anyone juggle with fire or know someone who could come and join us with their juggling skills/circus skills/hula hooping/face painting?  Please offer now/let Tim know.

Auction of Promises: We are setting up an Online Auction of Promises.  If you have any services or items to offer, please can you let Julie have full details – julie@opentolife.co.uk  including a brief description of what you are offering, the geographical area in which you can offer the service or item, a guide price or minimum starting bid (if you want to), how many lots you are offering, and an optional photo of the item you are offering or if it is a service, a photo of yourself or something relevant to that service.  You can also include a website link if this is helpful.

Just Giving Crowdfunding page – We have also set up a Crowdfunding page for anyone who cannot make the ball, but would like to contribute to Help Rachel Heal.

The Loving Touch Team: We want to create a team of people who will offer head and shoulder massage, foot massage etc Offering this for a short period of time as part of what is available. No professional training required – Natural touch is best in the spirit of generosity with our presence!  It will be like a shop front parlour that is so common in the Face East. A bit like having our hair done.  Please offer now/let Tim know.

The Musicians will be there and Tim will be DJing.

Rag’s & Riches Dance Music: I am putting together a CD of my favourite dance tracks for the night and will be selling a CD version.

Thank you Caroline Cadenza has already produced some fabulous illustrations.

It’s going to be a Ball!….Whoopee!…..It’s going to be a Ball!…..Whoopee!…..It’s going to be a Ball!…..Whoopee!…..

Field of Love in action…..Please offer to help…..Field of Love in action…..Please offer to help…..Field of Love in action…..


Helen Gordon – hgordon679@btinternet.com – Tel: 07769 111 677
Tim Broughton – tim@opentolife.co.uk – Tel: 07768 342 328


Ticket Price: £25-£95 – pay more if you can!

Payment Options:
Cash to Tim
Bank Transfer to Tim Broughton, Sort Code 20-62-53, Account No. 60289698. Please then notify us by email that you have made a transfer: info@opentolife.co.uk
PayPal  – click on drop down arrow below to select payment amount

Payment options via Paypal:

Rachel Gordon

Some of you have already heard about the plight of Rachel Gordon, who has been seriously ill for many years and has recently been diagnosed with Lyme’s disease.  I am shocked to learn that there is virtually no treatment or support for someone with this diagnosis within the NHS.  There are days when she has enough energy to get up, have a shower and eat a meal and that’s it.  She has been refused any form of financial support for living and is currently in a long protracted appeals process about this.  Whatever has our country come to?  Many of you know Rachel and her mother Helen Gordon.  Rachel has danced at Kew over the years and has also helped coordinate children’s activities at the field of love summer camps.  She is part of our community and I am so glad to be helping to raise funds to HELP RACHEL HEAL.  Beyond the hall hire and some admin costs, everyone is offering their time for free – a BIG thank you!  If you cannot come to the ball, please consider either buying a ticket anyway or sending a donation. We are setting up a JustGiving crowdfunding page and we are also setting up an online auction of promises, details to follow shortly.  Any offers of help on the night or ideas offerings of help are greatly appreciated.


Helen Gordon – hgordon679@btinternet.com – Tel: 07769 111 677

Tim Broughton – tim@opentolife.co.uk – Tel: 07768 342 328

Below are more details about Rachel’s situation. Currently she had to move out into a tent in her mum’s garden for health reasons – can you believe it!  It’s true – you will see why below.


Rachel’s story:

My 27 year old daughter, Rachel, has been ill for 12 years; nearly half her life.

She was formally diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis( ME), commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 2017.  In December 2017, we discovered through private testing that she has chronic Lyme disease as well as 5 co-infections.  Lyme disease is transmitted by infected animals and insects, not just deer, and left untreated can affect every part of the body.  Rachel was relieved to finally have a diagnosis that explained all her symptoms and she has now embarked upon a herbal approach which has proved to be effective with others with chronic Lyme disease.

However, another kind of nightmare has descended. The thinking behind the treatment plan is that as the bacteria die off they release their toxins in the body, worsening all symptoms; the Herxheimer reaction which can last for months for those who have been ill for so long. Rachel has had to abandon her studies at the Royal College of Art and is unable to work or look after herself. She has been fighting for Personal Independence Allowance for the last 9 months and having been refused it twice, she is now waiting for her case to be heard at a Tribunal; another few months wait and even then she may not win her case.

Chronic Lyme disease is not acknowledged in this country. If you haven’t had a diagnosis then you can’t have Lyme disease. However, only about 40% of Lyme disease sufferers develop the tell tale bullseye rash, which was the case for Rachel, and UK test accuracy can be as low as 10% . As far as the NHS is concerned, Rachel’s private tests are inaccurate, unreliable and irrelevant; they will not investigate further. In any case, the only possible treatment option would be long-term antibiotics; for an antibiotic-resistant bacteria this often results in later relapse into more severe illness. Consequently, Rachel has an official diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, best advice from the specialist ME clinic being ‘ Some people get better and some don’t,’ whilst her actual diagnosis is discredited and ignored.

As Lyme Disease suppresses the immune system, sufferers are vulnerable to other infections and Rachel has a mould infection amongst others. This causes her hair to fall out, severe headaches and congestion to the point where she suffers hearing loss, as well as affecting her immune system. She has been advised that she will not get better if she remains in an environment with mould. Most houses have some degree of mould, including ours, and neither family nor friends can offer long-term alternative healthy accommodation. So for the last month Rachel has been living in a tent in the garden.

However, this won’t be possible in the winter. There are small but significant signs that the herbal approach and living outside are having positive effects but recovery could take many more months; a Lyme sufferer group report that recovery can take from 7 months-to 4 or more years. Many give up due to despair or lack of support and some commit suicide but Rachel has had an extraordinarily positive attitude and will to recover, to live. She has a wonderful mentor who has suffered and recovered from the same health conditions and is supporting others, for no charge, on this very challenging journey back to health.

We would really appreciate your support for this fundraising event. The money raised will go toward her expensive herbal protocol and healthy accommodation.

With hope and gratitude
Helen and Rachel


Rachel and Helen were interviewed by London Live about Rachel’s condition
To see the full interview, please click here


A quote from Dr Kenneth Liegner:

“ In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease.”

Dr. Kenneth Liegner is a Board Certified Internist with additional training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine, practicing in Pawling, New York. He has been actively involved in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease and related disorders since 1988. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (I.L.A.D.S. www.ILADS.org) and is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.



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